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A breath of fresh air  Stephen Foster, BBC Radio Suffolk

Simply marvellous Nick Barraclough, former BBC Radio 2 

An intoxicating band to watch     Cheryl B.

Your music is ethereal- it's soft and dreamlike yet lively and earthy; and it touches all elements - wind, water, fire, and earth. I simply adore your music as it echoes my spirit CindyD'Amo, Ladylake Music PR

You guys make this event magic (Ickworth Park Wood Fair), it wouldn't be the same without you  JT

It's really inspirational to see these three women play!  Myke Clifford, main stage compere, Glastonbury & Cambridge Folk Festival

With their wide repertoire of instruments and considerable music ability, The Floozies are not confined to any particular mode. On one song, the soaring sax lead lifts the music towards jazz; this may then be followed by the mournful sound of the flute drawing them to an ethereal space. The combination of acoustic guitar and bodhran drum leads to a more whimsical place as the band may decide to explore folk influences. Throughout it all the lilting voice of Daisy makes the The Floozies instantly recognisable. Their music has such depth and fluidity that it is often surprising to remember that there are only three band members. Clever stuff, put together really well  Tim- Indie Bands blog

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